Single Comb Brown Leghorn
Brownleghorn reference
Country of origin Italy
Other names Brown Leghorn, Italian Leghorn
Breed Info
Variety of Leghorn
Variations Single Comb Light brown, Single Comb Dark brown, Rose Comb Light brown, Rose Comb Dark brown
Recognized by APA Yes
Has Bantam Counterpart Yes
Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)

The Single Comb Brown Leghorn, often called simply the Brown Leghorn is a non-industrial variety of leghorn, generally recognized as the most colorful variety.

Similar BreedsEdit

Welsummers bear a striking resemblance to the Single Comb Brown Leghorn, and are often confused with them. The only noticeable difference is the color of the earflaps and the color of the eggs. In the leghorn, both are white, while in the Welsummer, the eggs are a deep brown, and the earflaps are red.

Single comb brown leghorn chicks

Brown Leghorn chicks

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