The Manual of Style (abbreviated MoS or MOS) is the editing style guide for Chicken Wiki. It helps the wiki to have consistent, clear, and precise language, layout, and formatting it's articles.


Article TitlesEdit

Use "sentence case" or "sentence-style": The initial letter of a title is capitalized; otherwise, capital letters are used only where they would be used in a normal sentence. It is acceptable to capitalize article titles in the same way book titles however (using the Chicago Manual of Style).

For chicken breed articles, all words should be capitalized, except in certain special cases.


  • Easter Egger
  • Brown Leghorn
  • Bearded d'Uccle
  • Chickens in the media
  • Guide to Chicken Keeping
  • Famous chickens or Famous Chickens

Breed namesEdit

Typically, breed names are not capitalized unless they include proper nouns, but in this wiki, it's acceptable and encouraged to capitalize breed names to make them clearer and easier to distinguish.

Article sectionsEdit

Article sections need only have the first word capitalized.


  • For the backyard chicken keeper, Easter Eggers, Brahmas, and Australorps are great breeds to have.

Article titles, sections and headingsEdit

Article titlesEdit

An article title is a convenient label for the article, which distinguishes it from other articles. It need not be the name of the subject; many article titles are descriptions of the subject.

Use the following points to created article titles:

  • Use the singular form: e.g. Rooster not Roosters.
  • Use parentheses to distinguish similar articles: e.g. Lakenvelder, or Lakenvelder (bantam).

Article LayoutEdit


For all breed pages, use the {{Breed infobox}} template.

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