Chicken Wiki was created to become the biggest resource about chickens on the web, specifically designed with small-scale chicken keepers and people who are new to chickens or just want to learn more about them in mind. This is a wiki about chickens as in animals, NOT chicken as in food.


The mission of Chicken Wiki is to become the biggest and best one-stop resource for all things chickens, where anyone, whether they have chickens or not, can come to learn, ask questions, contribute, and have fun. Need to find out what the best breeds for keeping in the backyard are? This is the place! Chicken Wiki will also be here to promote chickens as pets, help continue the trend of the backyard chicken keeper, and to promote knowledge about chickens, and the fact that chickens are indeed intelligent creatures. Chickens are, after all, probably the most abused animals on the face of the earth, and that is largely due to the general public being in the dark about them. Factory farms and large, commercial chicken farming operations don't have a problem with that trend continuing. This wiki will help provide the real facts, and hopefully help stop that trend.

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