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((((Welcome to Chicken Wiki!))))

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Want to know more about chickens? Then this is the place! Right now, there are 95 articles on Chicken Wiki, and that number is ever growing. Contributions and even minor edits are greatly appreciated.

Submit comments, suggestions, and critiques right HERE.

Request specific info and/or pages HERE.

Chicken wiki is your one stop resource for all things chickens. See: About and Mission Statement. Get quick info, learn, edit, ask questions, and have fun!

I hope you enjoy Chicken Wiki! :)

Editing on this Wiki

Yes, I am active and editing on this wiki, and will continue to edit and expand it. YOU can help too, with even the simplest edit, or the creation of a new page. Just the beginnings of a page with only a couple sentences is enough. Create a page here:

Pages Needed

  • Breeds
  • Chicken Anatomy
  • Chicken diet
  • Local town and city ordinances on keeping chickens
  • Videos: if you want someplace to show off your chicken videos, this is the place! Move chicken behavior videos would be useful.

- Pictures are also welcome.

- We also need references. We want it to be a reliable site. Even if you know what you're talking about, like I do with the pages I create, you should often still try to find a good reference, just to back you up.

To create a breed page, please use the "Breed infobox" template. If you want/think something should be added to the breed infobox template, please let me know.


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Latest Activity

  • edit Run (Structure)
    edited by Jonisthebest diff
    Summary: Unnecessary
  • new page Free range
    created by Auron~Guardian
    New page: Free range is a method used for keeping chickens. In this method chickens are allowed to roam free during the day and return to their housing at...
  • new page Run (Structure)
    created by Auron~Guardian
    New page: A run is a fenced in piece of land where chickens are allowed to wander. Using a run ensures that chickens will be safe and stay on the owner's...
    Added category: Housing

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