White auracauna hen
Conservation status Study
Country of origin Chile
Other names South American Rumpless
Breed Info
Varieties Lavender, Blue, Black/Red, Silver Duckwing, Golden Duckwing, Blue/Red, Pyle, Crele, Spangled, Cuckoo, Black, and White
Recognized by APA Yes
Has Bantam Counterpart Yes
lethal allele combination associated with ear tufts
Chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus)

The Araucana, also known as the South American Rumpless in the U.S., is a South American breed of chicken that originated in Chile. It is often confused with the Easter egger and the Ameraucana.

Quite often, the Easter egger is referred to as an Aracauna simply for convenience, but they are very different. Unlike Ameraucanas, the Araucana has no beard, instead having large tufts near the ears. Both the Ameraucana and the Araucana have pea combs.

The Araucana has no tail, is rumpless and is smaller than its modern cousin the Ameraucana. The Easter Egger OTOH, can have have any variation of colored feet or comb-type..

Studio Aracana1

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